Puig on the cut of 353 million in the financing of 2018: "The Government is playing with fire"



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The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, said on Wednesday that the central government, by “cutting” 353 million euros in the financing of the Community for the year 2018, as reported by the Consell, “is playing with fire in this displeasure with the autonomous communities “.

This was stated after visiting the works of the Ágora de València, asked by the media about the letter that the Ministry of Finance sent to the Consell on Tuesday to inform the regional government of the new amounts of deliveries on account of the resources of the financing system of the financial year 2018, which includes a decrease of 353 million over the July forecast.

The head of the Consell has also referred to the statements that the delegate of the Government, Juan Carlos Moragues, has made on this issue, and in which he warned that not approve the General State Budget of 2018 “harms the interests of the Comunitat “. Moragues has claimed PSPV, Podemos and Compromis “that instead of complaining, they sit in Madrid with their deputies and negotiate the PGE”.


In Puig’s opinion, this claim by Moragues “is part of this anomaly in the functioning of the institutions.” “How dare the government delegate to say that the financing system is approved or not based on the parliamentary support of a budget?”, He asked, and has considered that it is acting “with a huge irresponsibility.”

“There is a word from the President of the Government that he gave to the Conference of Presidents in which he said that before the end of the year the financing system would be reformed, and he has failed to comply”, he said, and he has also referred to the declarations of the general coordinator of the PP, Fernando Martínez-Maillo, who in an interview with Europa Press has ensured that it is “essential” that Catalonia is present in the new model of regional financing.

Puig has asked himself: “What is it that, not the Government, but the PP is suspended saying that until Catalonia does not solve the issue that is all paralyzed.” In his opinion, “this is an absolute democratic anomaly, a deep anomaly of the functioning of the system”.

“When we approved the decision in the Conference of Presidents that the funding system would be approved in this past year, Catalonia was not at the table.” He did not come to that meeting because he did not want to, but it was decided there that the meeting would be held. reform of the financing system during the past year, and the president’s word has been broken “, he criticized.

“Before the PGEs are approved, it is evident that, in the debate frameworks, which are the Fiscal Policy Council and the Congress of Deputies, we are in a position to reach an agreement, of course. that, to reach an agreement, we have been presenting a proposal for a long time, who has not presented a proposal is the Government of Spain, “he stressed.

Puig has asked that there be “no more excuses, because finally all this is causing great disaffection and a situation of lack of credibility of the institutions.” “Of course, we’re not going to play that,” he assured.


In this regard, said that the Consell has been “working intensively to convince the whole of the autonomous communities and the Ministry of Finance on the situation in the Community.” “The Comunitat can not wait any longer and, among other things, because we do not want, in the face of inequality, to remain impassive, so far we have arrived”, he said.

For that reason, for the ‘president’, it is “evident that the Constitution must be reformed, among other things so that nobody can do such an irresponsible exercise as the PP is doing at the moment”.

In this regard, he stressed that “all this year has been working on the commission of experts and has made positive progress, in the concrete and correct time that was before August.” “The opinion of the committee of experts was put in the hands of the Minister of Finance, Cristóbal Montoro, and from then on, in different meetings with Montoro and Rajoy, the space of that political-technical commission was opened, which has to raise Fiscal Policy Council one position, and until last week there was no meeting, “he added.