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We help you with this real estate financing to realize this dream!

We help you with this real estate financing to realize this dream!

Are you planning to build, buy or modernize an existing property and are looking for the right real estate financing?

The real estate sector is booming in times of low interest rates. When acquiring a residential or commercial property, you will be accompanied professionally by our specialists. Construction, real estate, refinancing, investment, private or car loans.

Is not your financing a matter of concern to you that will accompany you over the next decades? For more than 25 years I have been associating the term “construction financing” with the wishes of my clients. Whether it is the need for your own home, the dormitory for your daughter / son or the home is one of the mainstays of your retirement plan.

Every building application is different, every client is different, every property needs its own financing option. Then I will create a real estate financing plan for you, which you then pronounce. That’s my investment. In cooperation with regional banks, cooperative and ski banks as well as internet or direct banks, I adapt your financing to your ideas and requirements.

Integrate real state financing

Integrate real state financing

Unscheduled repayments of 5% pa on unlimited, long periods without interest, no estimated costs, change in the repayment ratio between 1% and 10% pa during the fixed interest period, fixed interest periods of 6 months to fixation over the entire financing period and all this at top conditions, why not ? Make an appointment with me, because an intensive one-to-one talk is irreplaceable!

The company IST is the ideal partner on the way to real estate. It is our goal to integrate real estate financing into today’s world – optimal advice in digital form, in the time required by our clients. On the way to our own home, we as independent brokers of real estate finance value complete insight. In doing so, we value self-initiative, cultivate an open-minded feedback culture and create space for creativity so that you can develop in the best possible way.

Send us your CV, your earliest possible starting date and your salary expectations via our job page.

With the original Reel Finance you are in good hands, both for retirement and for your professional development. Of course, also for real estate financing. Whether purchasing or new building – the Seliner financial expert Hunter Dave faces for you more than 50 banks and searches for your property the right financial concept. For you, we compare the actual designs of the different clients, develop your individual financial concept and support you during the whole time.

We are happy to calculate your follow-up financing for you, because with our interest rate comparison you can save time and money.